Product Info

Purina® Honor Show Chow Pig 519

  • Manufacturer: Purina

New FIRST WEAN™ 519 DEN35 show pig feed is formulated with Ambitine® feed technology to support proper gut health and feed intake, and Vitacy-S™ to help support immune function.

Honor® Show Chow® FIRST WEAN™ 519 DEN35 pig feed is designed for sale pigs weighing 25 lbs. and up.

Offer FIRST WEAN™ 519 DEN35 pig feed to pigs being prepared for a prospect show pig sale. FIRST WEAN™ 519 DEN35 feed can also be fed to newly-purchased young show pigs during the critical receiving phase when they are susceptible to health challenges.

Formulated for ultra-modern show pigs, FIRST WEAN™ 519 DEN35 pig feed is a 20% protein, 6.5% crude fat, 1.3% lysine feed in a 3/32” pellet designed for optimal intake and pellet quality.