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Whether you care for three hens or thirty, allowing your flock to free range outdoors provides chickens the opportunity to exercise their natural instints to forage for food. However, during the winter, dry climates, and other conditions, there is often less for your flock to forage for and that's were Free Range Poultry Blend from Pecking Order can help. Our premium Free Range Poultry Blend can be scattered around the yard to provide a variety of tasty seeds, grains, raisins, and dried insects that your flock will love to forage for!

  • Feed Supplement & Treat For Poultry
  • Encourages Natural Foraging Behavior
  • Provides Energy To Support Birds In Cold Climates
  • Contains Protein & Calcium Rich Boonworms
  • Served in a Recyclable Standup Bag with Reclosable Seal
  • Packed In USA Facility with SQF Level 2 Certification to Ensure Quality

Sun Pecks™ from Pecking Order are the only treat for chickens coated in a delicious sunflower puree! Sun Pecks™ are a protein and calcium rich treat that come in an easy serve treat bowl with resealable lid.

The convenience of having treats in an easy serve treat bowl means Sun Pecks™ can be served to your flock in a variety of ways but the most fun way is to hold the bowl and watch your hens peck right out of it! Kids (and some adults too) are less intimidated by chickens eating from a bowl their holding then from chickens pecking directly out of their hands so the easy serve treat bowl makes treat time more fun for everyone! Once you feel your flock has enjoyed enough treats for the day, simply snap the lid back on till you're ready to excite your flock again with more delicious Sun Pecks™.

Pecking Order is pleased to announce the addition of Boonworms™ into our family of products for backyard poultry. Boonworms™, more commonly known as black soldier fly larvae, were introduced to Pecking Order by one of the country's leading entomologists who has over twenty years experience working with black soldier fly larvae (BSFL).

Pecking Order Dried Mealworms provide chickens and other poultry the irresistible high protein treat they love to eat. Offer dried mealworms before, during, and after a molt to support feather growth or simply feed as a treat while interacting with your flock.