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    Published on the 13th at 12am
  • We will be closed November 22nd for Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy the Holiday with your family & friends!
    Published on the 13th at 12am
  • Thank you for visiting our website! We hope to see you soon!
    Published on the 7th at 12am
  • Don't forget to join us for our Cancer Awareness Day October 6th!
    Published on the 2nd at 12am
  • We will be closed September 3rd for Labor Day!
    Published on the 16th at 12am
  • Thank you for Shopping with us at Bryan & Brittingham-We look forward to seeing you soon!
    Published on the 1st at 12am
  • For anyone who bought baby chicks in the Spring, their flock should now be switching to Purina Layena Pellets or Crumbles, Layena Omega 3 or Purina Organic Layer Pellet & Crumbles!
    Published on the 31st at 12am