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  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands
  • Model Number: 101005

Look no further than this tool to reduce the loose hair from your short haired dog's shedding.

  • Manufacturer: Stephens Pipe & Steel, LLC
  • Model Number: 6050074

Rust-resistant galvanized steel construction.

  • Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions

Sani-Care Odor Control is an excellent way to prevent or alleviate respiratory distress due to the build up of ammonia gas from degrading urine. And Like all Espoma products, it’s safe, natural and effective. Use Espoma Sani-Care Odor Control with complete confidence that you have chosen the best odor control product available. 

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

Infinia® Duck & Potato Recipe is a holistic nutritional formula that knows no boundaries. Flavorful superfoods, savory real duck, protein-rich turkey meal and fish meal, and a little extra love go into every bag. In fact, it’s so full of goodness, there’s no room for unnecessary fillers. Every single ingredient works together for your pet’s health and well-being. The result? A recipe with ingredients to support immunity, longevity and vitality – healthy immune system, healthy digestive system, active bodies and beautiful coats. Just look for that wagging tail!

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Natural Plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals - Adult Grain Free Classic Turkey & Sweet Potato Entree

  • Manufacturer: Purina

Natural Plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals - Adult Grain Free Classic Beef & Peas Entree

  • Manufacturer: Behlen Manufacturing Building Systems
  • Model Number: 38100227

The Magnum Kennels are a stronger, secure and attractive alternative to chain link kennels. They are primed with a rust inhibiting zinc primer and top coated with our premium powder coat paint. Made of 1 5/8″ tubing and 6 gauge 2″ x 4″ mesh. Configurable to any size dog or lawn and recommended for residential use only.

  • Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products

TropiClean Berry & Coconut Pet Shampoo cleans your pet, even after the messiest of adventures. Raspberry and mango provide a deep luxurious clean while oatmeal and coconut replenish natural moisture for a coat that’s soft and huggable. Natural protein and raspberry extract replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat, leaving behind a shiny, luxurious coat that smells oh-so-nice. Routine bathing leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny, and looking great. For dogs and cats of all ages (safe for their humans, too).


  • Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products

TropiClean Awapuhi & Coconut Pet Shampoo takes your pet’s coat to whiter and brighter heights. In a rich lather, oatmeal prevents dry skin while awapuhi and blueberry naturally enhance all colors. Our unique whitening formula gently cleans and conditions while making your pet’s coat brilliantly beautiful. Natural protein highlights all colors naturally, so it works well on tricolor coats, too. Great for dogs and cats of all ages. Best when used along with TropiClean Pet Conditioner for a coat that’s soft, bright, and oh-so-fresh

  • Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products

TropiClean Aloe & Coconut Pet Shampoo takes your pet from smelly to snuggly in a snap. Protein and aloe vera replenish the natural moisture balance of your pet’s skin and coat while reducing pet odors. And with natural aloe, mallow, and papaya, your pet’s coat will be soft and smelling oh-so-fresh.

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

COUNTRY ACRES® 27% High Protein Dog Food provides nutritional needs for dogs requiring more energy. The additional protein and fat found in COUNTRY ACRES® 27% High Protein Dog Food helps replace the energy active dogs burn up daily. Pregnant, nursing and hardworking dogs, or dogs exposed to cold weather, will enjoy this nutritious, crunchy, bite-sized dog food.

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

COUNTRY ACRES® 21% Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of normally active dogs. Selected ingredients are formulated in precise amounts to provide everything dogs are known to need for complete and balanced nutrition. Its dry, crunchy, flavorful nuggets are extruded to provide improved digestibility plus healthy teeth and gums.

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

COUNTRY ACRES® 18% Dog Food is a high-quality and nutritionally balanced diet specially formulated for the maintenance of normally active adult dogs. Its dry crunchy nuggets actually help to clean teeth as dogs chew. Selected ingredients provide savory flavors dogs love plus essential vitamins and nutrients necessary to maintain healthy adult dogs.


Crossroad Master Hunter Dog Food - Hi Energy 24:20 is a balanced formula for healthy skin & coat. Complete nutrition for normally adult dogs. Highly palatable for great taste.


Natural Value™ Duck Tenders are 100% farmed and made in the U.S.A. – proof that healthy, safe U.S.A. made dog treats can be affordable. Cooked on open grilling racks to reduce fat and give them a delicious flavor, our Duck Tenders are sure to be your dog’s favorite treat. Since they’re 100% farmed and made in the U.S.A., they should be your favorite too. 

  • Model Number: 25934

The classic igloo-shaped Aspen Pet Dogloo II with Microban protects your dog from outdoor elements. Featuring an exclusive, patented dome design that keeps the house stable in high winds and naturally sheds snow and other debris that could collect on top.  Features roof-top ventilation to promote good air circulation. Made with Microban to fight the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Available in a variety of sizes. Made in the USA.

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

The ingredients in Exclusive® Pet Food were chosen to give today’s dogs what they’ve always liked, and what they’ve always needed: real meat and real protein. It was true when dogs lived in the wild, and it’s true today. As a result, the #1 ingredient in Exclusive® Pet Food is savory, real meat including chicken, lamb, turkey or fish. We’ve also added a carefully-selected balance of antioxidant rich fruits, and vegetables and wholesome grains to support their health — but left out the corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors & preservatives.

Comes from high quality meat and bone meals which helps develop muscle tissue and maintain proper body functions. No soy or wheat middlings. Designed for adult dogs to provide the energy and nutrition for a long healthy life. Mfd. by Sunshine Mills.

21% protein super chunks recipe. For high-spirited champions as well as laid-back companions. 100% complete and balanced formula to help your dog stay in top shape! Help your active dog meet his energy needs and be ready to go at the drop of a hat.

  • Manufacturer: Chuckit! Fetch Games

Easy to pick up. Puncture resistant. High visibility. Fun for dogs of all sizes and kinds!

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition for normally active cats of all breeds and ages. Variety of fun shapes and tasty chicken, shrimp, tuna, turkey and fish flavors. A taste sensation that cats love! High quality nutrients needed for bright eyes, strong bones, healthy teeth, shiny coat and the energy for an active life. 20-lb. value size bag.

  • Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

Spectra Sure® PLUS for Dogs contains Fipronil & Cyphenothrin: All the benefits of Fipronil the same active ingredient used in Frontline® brand products. PLUS a second synergistic ingredient Cyphenothrin for optimal efficacy and faster relief.

  • Manufacturer: PMI Nutrition

Red Flannel™ Puppy Formula is specifically designed to meet the special needs of growing puppies. It supplies 100% complete and balanced nutrition for the growth of your puppy.