Being a Purina Certified Expert Dealer means that we offer a complete line of quality Purina feed products and have knowledgeable associates who care first about our customers, and their animals. Training is a key element for our Certified Expert staff and you can depend on us for Certified Expert advice!

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We have your fly control supplies! We carry Clearzone, Q-Mist, Golden Malrin, Quikbayt Fly bait, Pyranha, Ultrashield, Bronco, traps & MORE!

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September Garden Tips

The days are growing shorter and the temperatures are growing cooler, but even in September, gardening season isn't over. Well-prepared gardeners have a variety of tasks to do in late summer and early fall, and each chore will help keep the garden thriving.

What to Do If Your Horse Has Parasites

It is common that a horse has parasites, and treatment is routinely needed throughout the horse’s lifetime. • Precautions to Reduce Parasites: Some precautions to reduce parasites include removing manure from the horses stall.

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Hay Quality for Horses

Hay quality is directly tied to horse health as hay makes up the bulk of a horse’s diet. Learn which factors can impact hay quality and nutrient content.